Zefiro 11L/min

11 ltrs/min ~ flue 110mm out ?

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Product Description

Delay Ignition design
The Valve body and ignition control device are available with delay ignition design which will prevent from deflagrating.
Startup with low water pressure
Gas water heater can start up easily even in a very low water pressure.
Flow stabilizing device
During the process of use, hot water flow is not effected by thermal water and keep a stable temperature and flow of water.
Automatic water control system
Automatic igniting when there is a water flow input and flame out when water turnoff. Water temperature can be adjusted freely and easily.
High efficient combustion system
Avanced design for burner and heat exchanger ensure a high efficiency and performance.
Multiple Protect
This series is available with multiple safety protect devices.


Model ZEFIRO C11
Gas Kind LPG / NG
Rated P. (kPa) 2.8 / 2.0
Heat Input (kw) 20
Hot Water Outlet (L/min) 11
Exhaust Type Natural Flue
Efficiency > 80%
Ignition Type Pulsed
Starting Water P. (MPa) 0.02
Working Water P. (MPa) 0.04 -0.8
Power Supply DC 3V
Water Pipe G1/2
Gas Inlet G1/2
Dimensions (a x b x c) mm 550x328x180
Flue pipe dimensions mm Ф 100/110 in/out


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