Chigo FM-3515-L/Y

CHIGO Air-Curtains

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Product Description

  • Metal compact casing with high fire resistance, easy for installation, cleaning and maintenance.
  • This type of air curtain has piano-key control and remote control, with high-low speed adjustment, applicable to requirement at different places.
  • The structure of centrifugal vane and vane wheel and the design of effective worm case achieve optimal performance of the fan.
  • Computer-based optimized design of motor is reliable performance, with continuous operation of over 5000 hours without failure.
Model FM-3515-L/Y
Length (mm) 1500
Diameter of wheel (mm) 120
Max input power (mm) 535
Air velocity (m/s) 15
Air volume (m3/h) 1700
Noise (dB) ≦57
Effective door high covered (m) 4
Dimension (mm) 1500X230X210
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