Ferroli 80L Vertical

Mid Electric Water Heaters – 3 YRS Tank

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Product Description

The CALYPSO water heater features three devices of safety: a water valve that is actuated in the event of excess pressure in the tank and two automatic temperature control devices to prevent overheating..The CALYPSO water heaters are fitted with:
copper electric heating elements
probe for temperature control
magnesium anode protecting the tank
flange with 5 bolts to ensure sturdiness and at the same time simplify periodical maintenance operations
temperature indicator
on/off light
water valve set to 8 bars with drain cock and safety screw
manual temperature setting (optional)

Calypso 50 80 100

Tank Capacity l 80
Dimensions X mm 440
Y mm 750
Z mm 460
A mm 180
B mm
C mm 265
D mm 100
E mm 130
G inches 1/2″
Working Pressure N/cm2 8
Power W 1200
Tank steel thickness mm 18/10
Insulation thickness mm 18
Heating Time 20 + 55degC 3h – 45′
Net Weight kg 22.0
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