Ferroli 50L Horizontal BF

Mid Electric Water Heaters – 5 YRS Tank BLUEFOREVER titanium enamelling (element heater)

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Product Description

Heating Element


Blue Forever

The Scaling Enemy

The element is enameled with Bluesilicon, a unique patented treatment, offering extra qualities such as:

  • Drastically reducing the limestone deposit, with substantially shortens the life span of the element
  • Top efficiency of the element for a longer period
  • Maintaining the high performance throughout the life span of the element
  • Extended Ferroli warranty on the element

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The appliances, entirely manufactured in Italy, are made with high quality steel.

Moreover, for each different component, the specific alloy or type of steel is used, in compliance with the necessary characteristics to convey to the component itself. At the moment of the edition of the present catalogue, 27 different metal sheets are used in the factory.

The inner surface of the tank is protected by a powder enameling treatment “Blue Silicon”. It is carried out using the most modern technologies for electrostatic application and then it is vitrified at 850°C. Perfection of the result is double checked on every single water heater manufactured, through laser thickness gauge and photo-optic meter.

All models are equipped with a high concentration anode, in order to grant the maximum protection against electro-chemical reactions and safeguard the tank from corrosion.

Consumptions reduction along with environment respect is crucial to Ferroli water heaters design and manufacture. As to insulation infect a high performance water blown polyurethane has been chosen and used, combining top performances and absolute lack of CFC or any other dangerous substance release. Furthermore, the appliances have been conceived to be highly recyclable after their disposal.

Every water heater is tested during the different production phases, to ensure the maximum quality, efficiency and operational longevity. Laboratory tests are performed periodically to verify the compliance to the declared performance data.

Security of the appliance is surveyed by thermostat with double safety system and a pressure relief valve, with must be integrated in the system installation with the additional safety devices eventually required by the local law or European directive EN 1487, where applicable.

Ferroli water heaters do not require particular maintenance precautions and will operate for long time.

They have been designed to permit easy replacement of materials subject to wear, in particular should water be aggressive of chalky.

Flanged electric group are mounted on large 120mm flange with 70mm manhole, sealed by thick EPDM flexible gasket. It enables comfortable access from inspection and periodical anode replacement.


Standard Fearutes

Standard Features


Technical Data

tank sizes


Vertical Execution 50 VE
Dimensions X mm 440
Y mm 555
Z mm 460
A mm 185
B mm /
C mm 265
D mm 100
E mm 130
G inches 1/2″ M
Capacity litres 50
Power W 1500
Heating Time ∆T 35° C minutes 1 h 26′
∆T 45° C minutes 1 h 51′
Weight* Kg 16
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